American Conditions for the Truce Success in Yemen

The United States preempted the launch of the new round of Yemeni negotiations in the Jordanian capital, on Saturday, with new conditions, that reflects Washington’s indirect involvement in the negotiations rather than the delegation of its affiliated factions.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, stressed during a call with UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grodenberg, the need to open Taiz roads during the tour expected to start today.

Blinken’s call coincided with another call made by the commander of the Central Command in the US Army, Michael Kurilla, with the Chief of Staff of coalition factions, Sagheer bin Aziz, where the meeting touched upon, according to official media, to discuss field developments.

These parallel moves threaten to thwart any efforts for rapprochement between the Yemeni parties, it would abort the extension of the armistice, which was not officially signed, despite the announcement by UN envoy to extend it for two months amid anticipation of a breach in the wall of the crisis of its files, most notably, the opening of roads and the payment of salaries.

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