Sana’a Delegation Suggest Solution for Disbursement of Staff Salaries

The head of the Sana’a negotiating delegation and Anssarallah Spokesman, Mohammed Abdulsalam, has presented a proposal for paying the salaries of all employees and retirees in the Republic of Yemen.

“Consolidating oil and gas revenues under the control of other parties with the revenues of the port of Hodeidah is the solution to the disbursement of salaries to all employees and retirees of the Republic,” Mohammed Abdulsalam, said in a tweet.

“We always ask the United Nations to add up revenues, and the Economic Committee is fully prepared to discuss if the Saudi side is ready,” he added.

Abdulsalam’s tweet comes, as negotiations are under way in Muscat on unifying the Central Bank of Yemen, unifying the currency and paying employees’ salaries.

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