Popular Uprising to Isolate Saudi-backed Govt’ in Aden

Frequent power outage in Aden and the rest of the southern governorates as a result of the Saudi-led coalition’s neglect and the failure of the Al-Alimi council, the Saudi-backed government, to provide diesel to supply power plants with the necessary fuel triggered angry reactions among the citizens.

There were calls to go out in massive popular demonstrations and to crawl towards the Al-Ma’ashiq Palace to overthrow the Saudi-backed government and the Council of Saudi-Emirati tools, rejecting the policy of starvation and subjugation practiced by Saudi Arabia and the UAE against the Yemeni people in the north and south.

Popular demands on social media called for demonstrations after the hot summer inflamed the city of Aden and the severe heat killed the guts of citizens. Activists and labor unions chose Thursday at 9 am as a date for the big take to the streets and crawl towards the Ma’ashiq Palace to uproot the corrupt.

Activists and labor unions identified the Banks Square in Crater as a starting point for the anger rallies and the march to the palace in the Ma’asheq area.

“Today the people will say their word, and Ma’asheq Palace will turn into a camp for the people to benefit from the electricity, if there will not be a solution to the power outage in Aden. In Hadi’s era, we stormed Ma’asheq and demonstrated inside it, and we say to the new rulers, do not provoke the people.”

In the meantime, thousands of citizens in Aden and the rest of the southern provinces expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the frequent interruptions in the electricity service in their homes on an ongoing basis, in addition to the interruption of drinking water and the lack of fuel and domestic gas from the markets.

Citizens held the coalition and the Al-Alimi government responsible for their continued suffering and for not providing oil derivatives for electricity.

They demanded that they move quickly in order to find radical solutions for electricity. They warn against continuing to ignore the provision of fuel intended to run electric generators, which will plunge Aden and the rest of the liberated areas into complete darkness.

Many southern provinces are witnessing a stifling fuel crisis that has led to a power outage in these areas amid complete silence by the Saudi-backed government.

The coalition and mercenary council have not taken any measures that would alleviate the suffering of citizens as a result of the power outage, especially after the Saudi grant refused to supply fuel to the power plants in Aden, Lahj, Abyan, Dhalea and other southern regions.

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