Scenes of Air Force Operation to Be Shown: Sarie

Spokesman of Sana’a armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, said that the military media would release video scenes for a qualitative military operation carried out by the air forces while breaking the siege of “Al-Durayhimi city” in Hodeidah province, western Yemen.

“As part of the chapters of the historical epic that took place in the city of Al-Durayhimi, a qualitative operation of the air force (Operation 10th of Ramadan) will be revealed today in the third part of the documentary film named [al-Durayhimi Siege and Victory] ،”  Brigadier General Yahya Sarie said in a brief statement .

He added, the scenes are to be broadcast for the first time. The scenes to show participation of the Air Force in the offensive of beyond expected limits

On Sunday, the military media released a five-part documentary film on breaking the siege on the city of al-Durayhimi in Hodeidah.

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