Giant Tanker Arrives in Hadramout to Loot Two million Barrels of Yemeni Oil

A giant oil tanker has arrived at Shihr port in Hadramout province, eastern Yemen, coming from China to loot more than two million barrels of Yemeni oil.

A source at the Ministry of Oil in Sana’a said in a press statement on Wednesday that the giant oil tanker “Apolitares” has arrived at the port of Shihr for the second time in two months to loot large quantities of Yemeni crude oil.

He explained that the value of the crude oil quantity to be looted on board the “Apolitares” ship is estimated at more than 270 million dollars, according to Brent crude stock exchange, which is sufficient to cover the salaries of employees in all parts of the country for more than two months.

The “Apolitares” ship had docked, on the tenth of last April, in the port of Shihr in Hadramout, coming from the Chinese port of Zhoushan, and carried 316,679 tons of looted crude oil, which is worth $251 million (equivalent to 226 billion Yemeni riyals, according to the average exchange rates in Aden), according to the source.

The organized looting of Yemeni oil comes at a time when Yemenis are suffering from multiple crises due to the war and the siege, one of which is the interruption of salaries, while this looted wealth are enough to cover the salaries of all state employees and moreover, as confirmed by the statistics of the Oil Ministry.

Observers see that the looting of Yemeni oil by the Saudi-led coalition and its tools and complicit countries is a serious and organized economic crime, which puts the coalition forces before the legal and popular accountability to know the fate of the oil revenues.

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