Saudi Coalition Allow First Yemeni Flight from Sana’a Airport

After having previously refused to lift the blockade on Sana’a Airport and to allow flights to take off and land there, the Saudi-led coalition has now finally agreed to operate a flight through Sana’a International Airport next week, with passports issued by Yemeni authorities in Sana’a being accepted.

Commenting on the coalition announcement, Deputy Foreign Minister of Sana’a government Hussein al-Ezzi said that expanding and doubling the number of commercial flights to Sanaa airport would be an indicator of Riyadh’s good intentions and would help restore confidence in the UN-brokered truce agreement.

He affirmed on Twitter that “the expanding of the flights in the remainder of the truce period is an urgent humanitarian necessity, to compensate for the flights that were obstructed during the past period.”

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