Sana’a Regrets UN’s Failure to Implement “Safer” Agreement

The Supervisory Committee for the Implementation of the Urgent Maintenance Agreement in Sana’a and the Comprehensive Evaluation of Safer Floating Tank has expressed its disappointment due to the United Nations’ failure to implement the memorandum of understanding that was signed on March 5.

In a statement, the committee stated that the memorandum of understanding stipulated that the United Nations “will prepare an operational plan in accordance with the contents of the memorandum,” but the United Nations did not commit to this, and did not submit the plan despite the passage of more than two months since the signing of the memorandum.

It considered that any funds raised for the Maintenance Agreement, while the United Nations fails to implement the terms of the memorandum, would go into United Nations operational expenses as it has happened for the funds previously allocated to the maintenance and evaluation process.

The committee renewed its call for the United Nations to seriously deal with the committee in a way that is commensurate with the scale of the potential disaster for the environment because of the continued deterioration of Safer Reservoir.

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