Military Division in Aden … Rebellion or Attempt to Pressure

Militarily, tension returned to Aden again, amid the city divided between “unity and separation”, What portends new confrontations, If the new escalation is not part of an attempt to pressure to achieve a specific agenda, what are the dimensions of the new escalation?

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

At a time when the transitional factions “calling for secession” resumed their campaign against the people of the northern governorates in Aden, specifically, north of the city in Dar Saad, the armed factions deployed in the southern districts of the city have re-worn the uniforms of the Yemeni army and security, especially in the districts of Sheikh Othman and Mansoura.

These transformations in the city, which, since the formation of the new pro-Saudi authority led by Rashad Al-Alimi, has become the “capital of all Yemenis”, as described by Aidarous al-Zubaidi, STC president and member of the Presidential Council, it sparked a lot of controversy, especially among the southerners, those who have become distracted by the rapid changes in the theater of their regions which it was counting on regaining its glories as a southern country.

Actually, these developments appear to be the result of a split within the Transitional Council. Moin al-Megrahi, the staff of the war of the 1st brigade support and backing revealed that Shallal Shayea behind it, speaking about the readiness of what he described as the “southern resistance” led by Shaye’i to besiege Tariq Saleh and arrest him and his gunmen in Aden, it is an extension of rebellion, It started from Abyan, where the militants of this faction stormed the headquarters of the Transitional Council, and they demanded Al-Zubaidi personally to pay their dues like his fighters in alasefah and Alraad factions Al-Megrahi also did not hide that this faction was ready to lead a battle against Al-Zubaidi himself, in the event that he gets in their way, following his details of his intervention to release Tariq’s guard those who were besieged and arrested last Ramadan..

The escalation in Al-Zubaidi’s face comes in parallel with the latter’s moves within the presidency, who boycotted his sessions, according to media reports. Because of disagreements about merging the transitional factions into the Ministries of Defense and Interior, which data indicate the possibility of Tariq Saleh’s acquisition, as media reports indicate that Al-Zubaidi rejected the proposal to include the anti-terror faction led by Shallal Shaye’i, as well as the Security Belt. However, it was not clear whether Al-Zubaidi, who took an escalation trend against his colleagues in the Presidential Council, up to threatening to deport them, was trying to implement the demands of his friend Sha’i’ by keeping him outside the official framework and giving Sha’i space to move freely away from censorship and integration, or annihilate his influence as a thorn in the throat of Al-Zubaidi, especially since Al-Zubaidi himself agreed to join the factions of alasefah and alraad, It is one of the factions directly affiliated with him to the strength of the Interior and Defense ministry.

Regardless of the motives behind the new escalation, the data indicate that Aden is on its way to a new slide of violence it has just begun to record the first case of assassination, and it may spread to senior state leaders there.

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