Kidnapping Women Grows in Aden

A state of panic prevails among citizens in Aden city, southern Yemen, due to the increasing of the activity of gangs kidnapping women, Yemen press agency reported on Wednesday based on local sources.

The Local sources indicated that the activity of women’s gangs has increased in recent days, through abducting girls by force.

On Tuesday, Al-Shaab city witnessed a great mobilization of citizens after the gang attempted to kidnap a girl in front of her house, in the second incident in less than a month.

The sources reported that citizens pursued women accused of trying to kidnap the girl, but they were unable to arrest her.

The incident is the second of its kind since the disappearance of a girl in Dar Saad district a few weeks ago, in addition to previous incidents were reported by southern media outlets.

The new incident prompted more fears of the people in the city, which has now become a stronghold for the leaders of the Riyadh-backed Presidential Council and the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, amid security imbalances and the crimes of kidnapping women that organizations are accused of running them in favor of the sex trade.

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