Despite the Truce, Confrontations Spark in Marib

The Saudi-led coalition forces have continued to violate the UN declared truce in south and southwest of the city of Marib, northeastern Yemen, military source in Sana’a said.

According to the source, the coalition forces launched artillery shelling towards the homes of citizens in the areas of “Malla’a” and Rawdha in Serwah.

The source added that the coalition waged several attempts to infiltrate towards the positions of the Sana’a forces in “Al-Balaq Al-Sharqi” and “Al-Akad” Mountain chains, southwest of the city of Marib, with and intense flying of the drones.

The Sana’a forces managed to confront all the advances of the coalition forces and force them to flee without achieving any field progress.

On Monday, a military source, in a news statement said that the coalition forces’ violation of the UN-brokered humanitarian and military truce in Yemen amounted to 46 violations during the past 24 hours, by flying armed and reconnaissance drones over the Marib.

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