Aden Plunges into Darkness, due to Lack of Diesel

The General Electricity Corporation in Aden province on Sunday said that the reason for the increase of power outage was due to running out of diesel which led to the suspension of all government generating stations operating in the province.

In a statement, Aden Electricity pointed out that the current available generation of leased power plants were Turbin 1 at PetroMasila Station, al-Haswa steam stations and Mansoura, which operate with gasoline, does not exceed 230 mega, while Aden’s loads reached 490 MW.

Aden Electricity appealed to all stakeholders to intervene urgently by providing fuel to restart the stalled power plants to alleviate the suffering of the citizens of Aden due to the increase of power outage to several hours.

The occupied city of Aden has been experiencing a wave of public anger and resentment over the deterioration of public services and living conditions in the province.

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