Aden: STC Continues to Raise Separatist Flags on Government Facilities

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Tuesday continued its campaign to raise separatist flags on government facilities in Aden city, in defiance of the Saudi-led coalition, YPA reported on Tuesday based on local sources in Aden city.

The Local sources reported that the leaders of the STC in Aden completed raising the separatist flag at the intersections and roundabouts of Aden, after obliging the residents to raise it on the roofs of their houses in most of the city’s districts, especially those located on the main streets.

The sources said the campaign to raise the separatist flag reached the road leading to Ma’ashiq Palace, where the Riyadh-backed Presidential Council and the government loyal to the coalition reside.

The campaign organizers confirmed their intention to raise the flag over the Ma’ashiq Palace, in clear defiance of Saudi Arabia.

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