Yemenis Abductees’ Mothers Call for Release of All Captives in Coalition’s Jails

The Abductees’ Mothers Association has called on Sunday for the release of all detainees in all provinces under the control of Saudi-Emirati occupation.

The association stressed, in a joint statement with the American Center for Justice (ACJ) in Conjunction with Yemeni Abductees Day, the need to alleviate the suffering of the forcibly disappeared and detainees in the prisons of the Saudi-backed forces, noting that some of them have been detained for seven years.

The statement pointed out that dozens of detainees were killed under torture and others were killed by the bombing of coalition aircraft, while some died as a result of neglect and lack of health care.

The statement confirmed that the association had monitored from 2016 to 2022, the abduction of 419 civilians by the coalition-backed forces, including nine women. In addition, 172 people were forcibly disappeared by the security services in the Saudi coalition-controlled areas, while 142 were subjected to torture in the prisons.

The statement indicated that 210 prisoners were killed under the bombing of the coalition aircraft on places of detention. It noted that many detainees are still suffering from the most heinous violations in the prisons of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the forces supported by them.

The statement called on the council of Saudi-Emirati loyal forces to release the detainees and unconditionally reveal the fate of the forcibly disappeared in the prisons of the coalition-backed forces.

The Issue of detainees and those forcibly disappeared in coalition prisons, especially in Aden, Mukalla and other areas, is among the complex issues, at a time when detainees are subjected to the worst forms of torture and illegal methods that amounted to rape, according to observers.

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