STC Forces Threaten to Kill Journalist’s Family in Aden

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s troops opened fire at a journalist’s car in Aden city, south of Yemen, threatening to kill all his family members.

Adviser to the Minister of Transport for Media Affairs loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, Ahmed Maher, said: “An armed thug, from the sons of Dar Saad, attacked my house in the Dar Saad district, shot my car and threatened my family with death.”

He said on Twitter that the surveillance camera in his house documented the attack, indicating that the chaos in Aden made everyone see himself as a state to attack people’s homes.

In early November, the journalist Mahmoud Al-Atmi had been subjected to an assassination attempt when an explosive device exploded in his car, which led to the killing of his wife, Rasha Al-Harazi, in Khor Maksar area of Aden.

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