Al-Qaeda Begins Besieging Aden | - dailyyemen

Al-Qaeda expanded on Monday, its spread map in southern Yemen, which suggests arrangements to explode the situation there.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Local sources in Lahij province reported on the arrival of large forces affiliated with the organization. Referring to the spread of these elements in religious centers that were established earlier in Al-Anad and Yafa’, at the northern gate of Aden.

The deployment in Lahij comes a day after the organization re-established its fighters’ points on the line linking Aden and Abyan, where points of the organization’s elements were seen on the international line in Al-Mahfad district.

It was not clear the motives of the organization new spread, which during the last period has been moving under the cover of “legitimacy” after agreements with Saudi Arabia and UAE. But its timing indicates that it is related to the recent developments imposed by Saudi Arabia, it is related to the transfer of Hadi’s authority, which is his stronghold of Abyan, as well as his deputy to the Presidential Council.

The Saudi move sparked widespread discontent in Abyan, which is the most prominent stronghold of the organization.

Walid Al-Fadhli, a senior sheikh of Abyan, and Ali Mohsen’s son-in-law warned from the repercussions of excluding the province from the scene. He called on the people of the province to withdraw from the fighting fronts. While Ahmed Al-Maysari, the former Minister of Interior in Hadi government, and his most prominent hawks, expressed his dissatisfaction. He indicated in a tweet that he would not allow the new partition map for Saudi Arabia.

STC leaders accused Mohsen and Hadi of moving al-Qaeda to shuffle the cards and thwart the return of the Presidential Council to Aden. Meanwhile, activists accused STC leaders of mobilizing the organization following disagreements over the return of the Presidential Council.

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