Gulf Hint at Possibility of Accepting “Houthis” Conditions

The ambassador of Gulf Cooperation Council in Yemen, Sarhan Al-Munikher, revealed, on an orientation to transfer Riyadh negotiations to another country, in a move that indicates the council caving to the demands of “Houthis.”

This came with the diminishing of opportunities for Sana’a’s participation, in the consultations of Yemeni forces loyal to the coalition in Riyadh.

Al-Munikher said in his daily press conference that GCC no longer has any objection to any other country hosting the Yemeni consultations; this is the first time that the Council has shown the possibility of transferring consultations from Riyadh since its kick-start last week, and the Council has talked about holding it with those who attended.

The Gulf Cooperation Council was counting on Sana’a’s involvement in those consultations, and until Tuesday, it reminded that the door for consultations is open to those he described as “Houthis.”

And the decision to transfer negotiations from Yemen may be one of the expected scenarios to save the face of cooperation, who is currently pushing with all its weight to prevent the rug of Yemen from being withdrawn internationally, especially in light of indications to the failure of Riyadh consultations between the pro-coalition parties.

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