GCC Refuses to Grant Yemen New Financial Deposit

The Gulf Cooperation Council rejected officially the demands of the Yemeni forces loyal to the coalition and participating in Riyadh consultations sponsored by the Council with the support of the Yemeni economy, in a move that reflects his unwillingness to extricate his followers from the miserable situation.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Sources in the Economic Committee stated that the Gulf Cooperation Council rejected the request of the participants in the economic axis to announce a new deposit. Noting that the council’s ambassador to Yemen, Sarhan Al-Munikhir, informed the committee that the declaration of a deposit calls for a meeting at the level of members of GCC.

Al-Munikher was anticipating the demands for announcing a deposit by talking about directives for economic integration between Yemen and the Gulf states, it is a step described in terms of timing as evading the benefits of supporting the collapsed economy, in the “legitimate” areas of southern and eastern Yemen.

The economic situation in Yemen is negligible, of the eighth year’s Saudi-led war and siege; this reduces the importance of Al-Munakhira’s talk about the merger of major economic powers in the region, and an attempt to evade and sympathize the participants to pass a special agenda.

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