Deterioration of Basic Services Spark Angry Protests in Hadramout

Hundreds of angry protesters in Mukalla city blocked on Wednesday the international road linking the Hadramout and Mahra provinces, in eastern Yemen, due to the deterioration of basic services.

Local sources said the protesters set fire to damaged tires and placed stones in the middle of the road and prevented trucks from crossing.

Mukalla: Hadrami Elite Opened Fire at Protesters

On Saturday, several angry protesters stormed the building of Mukalla Radio station, after it was targeted with grenades, and burned its main gate, with a number of government institutions in the city of Mukalla.

Hadramout is witnessing a significant deterioration in basic services, including electricity and water, which has doubled the suffering of citizens during the holy month of Ramadan due to the lack of fuel for power stations on the oil-rich provinces in Yemen.

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