Human Rights Ministry: Six Million Yemenis Displaced

The Ministry of Human Rights confirmed, Wednesday, that the Saudi-led coalition carried out thousands of military attacks by air, sea and land on residential buildings for civilians covered by international protection.

During a press conference entitled “The Siege is a War Crime and Genocide” the ministry explained that the war on Yemen caused the displacement of more than six million male and female citizens to separate areas inside Yemen.

It indicated that the war completely and partially destroyed more than 537 hospitals and health facilities, targeted 92 ambulances, and destroyed two pharmaceutical and oxygen factories.

The war completely destroyed more than 435 schools and partially more than 1,578, as well as more than 45 public and private universities and colleges, and more than 74 technical institutes.

The Ministry of Human Rights indicated that the war destroyed more than 51 audio-visual and print media institutions, and more than 28 radio and television transmission centers were destroyed or damaged.

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