UAE Displaces Residents of Abd al Kuri Island to Hadramout

The UAE forces have continued to expel the residents of Abd al Kuri Island of Socotra province Island after taking control of six oil sectors, Yemen Press Agency reported on Wednesday.

Local sources said, “The UAE has started building a sea lane to receive military ships on the island, after completing the construction of the airport runway on it.”

The sources added that the Emirati forces had displaced the residents of the island from their villages and had built houses in the city of Qusayer in Hadramout province, in preparation for their settlement and turning the island into a military base for the Zionist entity.

Abd al-Kuri Island is the most important one located towards the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden, containing 6 oil sectors in Socotra, where the UAE built a military base last November under the supervision of experts from the Israeli Navy.

The Island is located 120 km from the capital of Socotra Island, with an area of 133 square km, and is considered the second most important island in the Socotra archipelago.

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