Business in America, A Qualitative Yemeni Addition to the Arab-American Economic Media

A group of Yemeni immigrants and refugees in the United States launched a website specialized in the economy and business in conjunction with the release of the first issue of (Business in America) magazine (All Arab American Magazine) In both Arabic and English, which will be distributed in the Arab Gulf states and other Arab countries besides the United States of America.

The magazine and the website are concerned with American economic news in general and focusing on the economic and commercial activities of the Arab communities and spreading their successes on U.S and their role in economic and industrial sectors, in addition to publishing research, financial and economic studies and providing all services related to the world of finance and business such as legal advice, accounting, real estate and others.

One of the founders was contacted, Arif Muharram – Editor-in-Chief – who stated that the magazine and the website will provide a qualitative addition to the economic media for Arab Americans and the Arab media in general, being the first of its kind for Arab Americans.

He indicated that they will work to encourage and highlight distinguished ideas and inventions and search for funding sources to turn these ideas into real and tangible projects on the ground, adding that the specialized website with the same name will provide other services, including (legal, real estate, business in general, public relations services, advertising, organizing conferences, exhibitions and events, whether live or in different locations.

It is worth mentioning that the preparation for this great work began about a year ago, and it is considered the first in the field of media for Arab communities as a magazine specialized in economics and business without addressing the political aspects, whether in the United States or in Arab countries or the world.

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