Former Yemeni President Presents New Initiative for Peaceful Solution

A former Yemeni president, currently residing in the Sultanate of Oman, announced last week that he handed over the Secretary-General of the United Nations a new peace initiative, this coincides with a Gulf and international movement to push for a comprehensive peace process.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Ali Nasser Muhammad, president of what was known as the Democratic Republic of Yemen in southern Yemen, said: his initiative includes six points, the most prominent of which are stopping the war, calling for a national dialogue conference under international and regional auspices, in addition to restoring the state and its institutions, and reach a transitional phase with a consensus president. In addition to the consensus on Yemen’s relationship with its neighbors, not to mention the creation of a fund for the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the war.

Ali Nasser, who was for a while a candidate to succeed Hadi, and had put forward initiatives for a solution in Yemen, it is one of the harmonic characters, which is a place of balance in the south and north, in view of the political stages that he has gone through since ousting him in the south, on the reality of a conflict with Salmeen, reaching to strongly support Yemeni unity.

Nasser has relations with local and regional parties, most notably the Sultanate of Oman and Syria, in which he has been moving during his stay outside Yemen.

Nasser’s initiative comes at a time when Yemen file is witnessing a regional and international movement, the latest of which was the Gulf Cooperation Council’s announcement its desire to invite all Yemeni parties to meet in Riyadh, amid Sana’a’s stipulation that negotiations with the coalition be in a neutral country, even if it was in the Gulf, in reference to the Sultanate of Oman.

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