UNDP Ignoring, Death Toll from Coalition’s Remnants Bombs Rises

The number of victims from coalition cluster bombs and remnants of war has increased, during the last period, in a number of Yemeni regions, in light of the continued procrastination of the United Nations Development Program, ignoring to “marking areas contaminated with these wastes.

The Executive Center for Mine Action in Sana’a explained, the latest casualties were the death of five civilians from one family, Wednesday, and their car was completely destroyed in Hodeida province, kilo 16, as a result of a mine explosion from war remnants after entering a mined area. He pointed out that the excavation teams in Hodeida rushed to the place restored and exhumed the bodies of the victims.

The center confirmed that during the past four months, about 180 victims were killed as a result of coalition remnants in a number of areas. Noting that UNDP did not respond and it is still procrastinating in providing the supplies and means of marking dangerous areas, which will contribute to preventing civilians from entering those mined areas and preventing more casualties.

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