Chile: Photo Exhibition for Coalition’s Crimes in Yemen

Chilean activist Connie De Witt has continued to voice support and show her solidarity with the Yemeni people through organizing a photo exhibition showing pictures of victims of the crimes committed by the coalition against civilians in Yemen.

In a video footage posted on her Facebook page on Friday, entitled “Calls for Solidarity with Yemen”, she said that “Yemen has been under a terrible siege imposed by Saudi-led coalition forces, whom do not want to release ships carrying oil derivatives, gas and food.”

“Patients and sick children should be able to go to hospitals and should be allowed travel abroad for treatment, but the Sana’a airport is totally closed due to the Saudi-led blockade and bombings,” she explained.

Connie De Witt continued by mentioning that the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) calls on the coalition forces to release ships carrying oil derivatives, because their detention is causing a severe fuel crisis. Many cars have been queuing for days just to get some liters of fuel.

“They go out seeking to buy cooking gas but they could not. Many kidney patients cannot receive dialysis due to lack of oil derivatives. There are no supplies in hospitals,” she added.

She confirmed that “children are starving to death due to the siege imposed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Israel and the US, and with the help and protection of England.”

At the end of her video, Connie De Witt called for an end of the war, the war and the blockade on Yemen.

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