Initiative of “Free Transportation” Expands to Confront Fuel Crisis in Sana’a

” Mutakatefoun” initiative, which was launched in Sana’a earlier this week, aims to break the monopoly and prevent the rise in transportation wages, by running free buses carrying students and citizens on a number of traffic routes in the streets of Sana’a, this project comes in light of the oil derivatives crisis resulting from the coalition preventing oil derivatives ships from entering Hodeida port.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

A number of government agencies in Sana’a interacted with the initiative, it has allocated its own transportation means to participate in the free transportation to citizens. Including Zakat and Endowment Authority, which allocated 75 buses and buses to support the project. In addition to the allocation of the Capital Municipality Police “a number of its buses to transport citizens between the districts of the capital, Sana’a.” as part of MuTakatefoun initiative for free transportation.”

The General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs stated that the routes that were launched within the first phase of the free transport initiative in the capital secretariat are Sheraton – Old University, Al-Hasbah – Hayel – Baghdad, Bab al-Yaman – Hayel – Mazrah, and Taiz Tour – Old University- and the New University, this is within the framework of the first phase of the initiative project, noting that the initiative will expand to include a number of other lines inside and outside Sana’a.

Students and citizens in Sana’a expressed their satisfaction with this initiative, which contribute to securing transportation for a large segment of citizens most affected by oil derivatives crisis and its repercussions, we hope that the project will be supported by more from various sectors and traders to expand in the districts of Sana’a and the rest of the provinces as a second phase of the initiative.

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