YPC Warns of Worsening Situation due to Continued Detention of Fuel Ships

The Yemeni Petroleum Company in Sana’a (YPC) warned on Monday that the situation in Yemen is deteriorating, which heralds the largest humanitarian disaster, as a result of the continued detention of fuel ships by the Saudi-led coalition forces.

In a statement issued during a protest sit in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a, the company confirmed that “the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition continues to hold two oil ships with a total tonnage of 56,489 tons of gasoline and diesel, in addition to other ships that have been held for more than two months.”

The statement indicated that these ships had completed the examination and audit procedures through the mechanism of the Verification and Inspection Mission in Djibouti, and obtained UN permits.

The company added that the continuation of maritime piracy and its catastrophic repercussions were not matched by any serious and tangible action by the United Nations, as it is the international body concerned with facilitating the entry of imports of basic goods.

This comes with the start of the oil company in Aden, controlled by Hadi’s government, loading fuel locomotives for traders in the north, A spokesman for the YPC in Sana’a, Essam Al-Mutawakel, said.

He indicated that the company in Aden raised fuel prices, even though the quantity was sold from Aden refinery tanks.

Al-Mutawakel considered the imposition of a dose on the citizens of Sanaa by Hadi’s oil company in Aden as an attempt to increase the suffering of the citizens, at a time when the Saudi-led coalition refuses to allow entry of fuel ships into the port of Hodeida, with the aim of raising the prices of oil derivatives due to delay fees paid by traders.

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