Al-Huraizy Mocks Saudi Claims to Operate Al Ghaydah Airport

Head of the anti-foreign occupation sit-in committee in Mahra, Sheikh Ali bin Salem al-Huraizy, mocked the Saudi claims to operate Al Ghaydah Airport of the province, Yemen press agency said.

In a meeting, which was held on Sunday, to discuss the latest developments in the province and Yemen in general, Al-Huraizy considered the allegations of opening Al-Ghaydah Airport by Saudi Arabia as throwing dust in the eyes, and diverting people’s attention from reality.

He stressed that “the airport is still under occupation’s control for preventing people from entering it.”

Al-Huraizy explained that the occupation has pushed figures from the so-called “legitimate government” to Mahra to open the airport, as if it was new to be opened.

He stressed that the sons of Mahra would continue to struggle until the departure of all foreign forces from the province and revealed the recent plots by the Saudi-Emirati occupation forces in the airport.

Al-Huraizy affirmed that the Saudi forces have imposed their control over the airport at the end of 2017, and made it as a US-British base on the Arabian Sea.

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