US Envoy for Yemen Visited Balhaf Gas Facility

Informed sources in Shabwah revealed the reasons for the visit of US envoy Tim Lenderking to the province on Thursday, YPA reported.

According to the sources, Lenderking, Chargé d’Affairs, US Ambassador Kathy Westley, and officials of the French company Total, arrived in Shabwah province.

They held a meeting with Shabwah Governor Awad Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki at the Balhaf facility in the presence of Emirati officers, under the title of exporting Yemeni gas to Europe, which faces the threat of Russian gas interruption in light of Ukrainian crisis.

The sources pointed out that Total officials talked about the ability to produce up to eight million tons annually, which contravenes the agreement concluded with Total.

The US delegation also visited Hadhramaut province and held talks with Governor Faraj al-Bahssani.

The US forces have a presence at Al-Rayyan airport in Mukalla, as well as al-Ghaydha airport in Mahrah.

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