Health Sector Urgently Needs Six million Liters of Diesel to Run Hospitals

A spokesman for Health Ministry in Sana’a government, Dr. Anis Al-Asbahi, revealed on Saturday that health sector needs more than six million liters of diesel to operate hospitals, oxygen factories, and others, revealing the catastrophic repercussions of the coalition’s detention of oil derivatives ships on the health sector.

Al-Asbahi explained that the disruption of oil derivatives will put many health sectors out of work, such as dialysis departments, children’s incubators, and operations departments, noting that 2,000 children need ventilators and their lives are at risk of being ended.

The spokesman of health ministry considered that United Nations is a partner in the crime of coalition, where it cannot be counted, it is the one who watched the catastrophic situation over the past seven years and did not move a finger.

Anis Al-Asbahi called for opening Sana’a airport and the port of Hodeidah to allow the entry of medicines and medical equipment and to remove cases that require travel for treatment outside Yemen.

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