Total Trying to Reproduce Gas from “Safer” in Mareb

In conjunction with gas crisis that will hit the world as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the French company “Total” has accelerated its steps aimed at resuming the production and export of liquefied gas from “Sector 18” in Safer region of Marib province, which has been suspended since the start of the Saudi war on Yemen.

During the past hours, the French company conducted a number of meetings with officials of Oil Ministry in the legitimate government in both Emirates and France, during which it discussed, according to the sources, the production mechanism from the aforementioned field and other fields.

It is worth noting that sector18 has a total of gas reserves reach 10 trillion cubic feet, of which Total and its partners acquire more than seven trillion, according to agreements concluded during the era of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in 1997.

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