Aden: STC Forces Executed Young Man from Ibb

Social media has been buzzing with news over the past few hours, about UAE-backed Transitional Council execute a young man from Ibb province called “Mohammed Bahran” in a prison in Aden, which brings to the fore again the murder of the young man, “Abdul-Malik Al-Sanbani” at the hands of the Transitional forces.

This circulation was confirmed by “26 September newspaper” in Sana’a, which quoted its sources as saying: “Bahran came a few days ago from Ibb province, with 80,000 Saudi riyals in his possession aiming to buy a car from Aden port, when it was intercepted by the so-called transitional militants affiliated with the state of UAE. He was taken to one of its prisons, where he was tortured and they looted what he had before he was hanged.

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