Transport Ministry: Siege Caused Death of More than 120,000 Yemeni Patients

The Sana’a-based Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions confirmed that Saudi-Emirati coalition is deliberately killing the Yemeni people by blockading ports, airports and civil ports and detaining oil derivatives ships.

The Ministry and its affiliated bodies and institutions, in a protest vigil organized today, Monday, in cooperation with the employees of the Yemeni Oil Company in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a, called on the Security Council, the international community and the United Nations to take a position to lift the comprehensive ban and allow oil derivatives ships to enter the port of Hodeida due to its importance in the continuation of people’s lives Yemeni besieged for seven years.

They indicated during the stand, that what the Saudi-led coalition is doing is contrary to all international norms, treaties and covenants and is a violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

They denounced the international silence and the international community’s lack of seriousness in moving to stop the human tragedy resulting from the continued ban on Sana’a International Airport.

A statement issued by the ministry pointed to the catastrophic repercussions and the human tragedy caused by the embargo continuation and the detention of oil derivatives ships.

It touched on the damage caused to the transport sectors as a result of the continued Saudi-Emirati coalition, the blockade, and the human suffering caused by the closure of Sana’a Airport, Hodeida port and land ports.

Saudi coalition deliberately kills Yemenis by siege and seizing fuel ships

The statement stated that the siege has caused the death of more than 120,000 patients who were in urgent need of traveling for treatment abroad, while more than 480,000 patients are awaiting an unknown fate if the siege continues on Sanaa airport due to their inability to travel.

It pointed out that the maritime piracy practiced by the coalition on oil derivatives ships, despite obtaining UN permits, will lead to the suspension of more than 150 thousand means of transportation of various sizes that provide services to the Yemeni people in the various provinces of the republic.

The statement stressed that the suspension of transportation will exacerbate the humanitarian situation and damage important productive sectors, including the agricultural sector, as a result of agricultural products being damaged and not reaching the governorates, the impact of relief work, the high prices of most basic commodities, the inability of citizens to move, as well as the inability of patients to reach hospitals.

It indicated that the suspension of transportation will lead to the cessation of service facilities, especially hospitals.

The statement held the United Nations, the Security Council and the Human Rights Council fully responsible for the crimes committed by the Saudi coalition and its air, land and sea blockade.

The Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions renewed their call on the United Nations and the international community to put pressure on the countries of the Saudi-Emirati coalition to stop maritime piracy on oil derivatives ships and allow them to enter the port of Hodeida.

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