Economic Purposes behind Targeting Telecommunications in Yemen

The recent escalation of the coalition against the telecommunications sector in Yemen may seem from the point of view of coalition, have a military dimension, as a spokesperson of his forces claims, but a comprehensive look at the size of the losses over the past years, asserts that the sector was one of several sectors that coalition put it on its objectives map, as part of a strategy to destroy the country, exhausted since the war began seven years ago, and to build on its ruins.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The raids that targeted the building of telecommunications and TeleYemen in Sana’a, and before that, telecommunications towers in several provinces, in fact, it was not new to this sector, which has been suffering since Saudi Arabia started its war in March of 2015, amid attempts to acquire it, until 2012, Human rights organizations and others concerned parties with war have monitored terrifying statistics of what this sector has been exposed to, who lost 55 of his cadres, including an employee and an engineer, and dozens were injured, the raids also destroyed 248 towers, 1652 telecommunication stations, and 46 exchange facilities, in addition to 1458 power and air-conditioning equipment, and 32 communication booths.

Organizations estimate the sector’s losses until last year at about 5 billion and 452 million and 572 thousand dollars, as for the indirect losses, they were represented by Saudi Arabia’s acquisition on the balances of the official telecom operator “TeleYemen”, estimated at half a billion dollars in Saudi banks, in addition to the efforts led by Saudi Minister of telecommunications, together with the minister in Hadi government, to sign agreements, in the future, Saudi Arabia will guarantee the acquisition on this sector, which it has gradually started operating that through the Saudi Telecom Company “STC”, especially in the southern provinces.

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