Due to Detention of Fuel Ships, Sana’a Warns of Looming Interruption of Internet

The sector of telecommunications and postal on Sunday confirmed that the continued detention of oil derivatives ships portends an imminent interruption of telecommunications and internet services, which will affect the basic service sectors.

This came during a vigil held in the capital, Sana’a, organized by employees of the telecommunications and postal sector in front of the United Nations office.

In a statement issued during the vigil, the telecommunications and postal sector strongly condemned the Saudi-led coalition’s continued perpetration of all forms of crimes and its repeated “aggression” against telecommunications networks and towers.

The statement confirmed that the blockade is a war crime against all the Yemeni people and a flagrant violation of all international laws and human rights charters.

It held the coalition countries fully responsible for the result of the detention of oil derivatives ships and preventing the arrival of the necessary supplies for the operation and continuation of telecommunications services.

The sector called on the United Nations, the International Telecommunication Union and relevant international organizations to intervene immediately in order to lift the ban on telecommunications equipment and systems for civil use.

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