Suspension of Flights to Aden Airport

The administration of Aden International Airport suspended flights on Sunday, as the battles raged in its vicinity, amid reports that one of the civilian aircraft and another of United Nations had been targeted.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Navigational sources said that the airport administration requested to postpone the date of flights that the airport was preparing to receive.

The suspension of flights “temporarily” comes hours after the battles was almost to crash a civilian plane.

The sources indicated that Yemenia flight was coming from Cairo Airport to Aden, when it failed to land on its usual course due to the intensity of the fire heading towards it, the matter prompted the flight management to change the flight path, as well as the path of a UN plane.

Khormaksar district, where the airport is located, is witnessing battles, between two of the transitional security factions with various types of weapons.

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