Emirati-French Deal to Operate Balhaf LNG Facility

The French ambassador to Yemen, Jean-Marie Safa, intensified on Saturday, his meetings with sheikhs of Shabwah, in conjunction with arrangements to restart the most important liquefied gas production facilities in the province as part of a deal with UAE.

Ambassador Safa met with the leaders of the so-called the “Unified Alliance of Shabwah sons”, it is a bloc supported by France and includes several sheikhs in the oil province. The meeting touched upon, according to local media, to discuss operating arrangements for Balhaf LNG facility, which is owned by the French Total, about 51% of its share.

Hadi governor in Shabwah, who is affiliated with Emirates, announced the imminent restart of the most important facility in the national economy of Yemen. Simultaneously with the start for a test operation to operate the plant’s torch. However, the timing of these moves indicates that the operation process may not benefit Yemen, especially since the announcement coincided with France’s announcement on strengthening the air defenses of Emirates, which clearly indicates that Emirates, whose forces are using the facility as a military base on the Arabian Sea, allowed the company to restart operation. It comes as part of a deal that may include gas in exchange for armaments, these are agreements that UAE and Saudi Arabia adopt in Yemen to finance their war and achieve economic gains.

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