Coalition Cluster Bombs Leave 3,841 Civilians Dead, wounded in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition’s cluster bombs have left more than 3,841 civilians dead and wounded, including women and children, during the last period in Yemen.

The National Program for Mine Action confirmed that the Monitoring and Documentation Department in the program monitored the various destructive effects of cluster bombs, which destroyed more than 809 farms and thousands of tons of agricultural crops, in addition to 547 grazing areas.

In tweets posted on Twitter, monitored by the Yemeni Press Agency, the program indicated that approximately 150 civilian casualties were killed and injured during the recent period by cluster bombs in Hodeida province.

The program described the spread of cluster bombs in the Hodeida districts as a disaster, considering it a stricken province. It pointed out that it has not received any supplies to mark dangerous areas until today.

The program stressed the necessity of intervention by humanitarian partners, including the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation and the rest of the international organizations, to reduce casualties.

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