AQAP Executes Sudanese Officer in Yemen

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has executed a prominent leader of Sudanese origin, Sudan media reported.

The sources quoted Sudanese members of the organization as saying that al-Qaeda issued a death sentence against leader Rashad Qureshi Osman, who was called Abu Trab Al-Sawdani”, to be executed.

Abu Tarb accused of masterminding the killing of “Nasser al-Wahishi” a senior leader in the organization in Yemen.

He is also accused of treason and being an agent for a foreign country.

Abu Tarb is one of the Sudanese army’s operatives, who has been recruited by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the war against Yemen.

He has reportedly been involved in recruitment during the seven-year-old coalition-led war.

The exaction reflects the magnitude of the differences fueled by regional parties within the organization, which is fighting alongside pro-coalition factions in order to guide it in favour of implementing its agenda.

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