Coalition Escalation Does Not Help End War: Sana’a Defense Minister

The Minister of Defense in Sana’a government, Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi, stressed that the escalation of the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen does not help end the war, but rather expands its geographical scope and undermines peace opportunities.

The defense minister stressed, in a statement, “All these escalatory and aggressive practices are pushing us to make strategic military options that have no escape for the enemy except defeat, remorse, and heartbreak.”

He pointed out that the latest escalation is an American-Israeli escalation in the name of the defeated coalition countries.

The recent painful strikes directed by the missile force and drones into the territorial depth of the coalition countries are only warning messages, which perhaps deter the aggressors and return them to their senses, he added.

“But if their understanding remains slow, let them be aware that we are capable and possess all the legitimate and powerful means and methods to discipline those who are foolish, reckless and arrogant,” Maj. Gen. Al-Atifi said.

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