Senior officer: Yemen Hurricane Operation Caused Great Damage to UAE

Deputy Director of the Department of Moral Guidance of the Sana’a Forces Brig. Abdullah ben Amer has confirmed that Yemen Hurricane Operation has successfully achieved its goals despite the UAE authorities’ attempt to contain what happened through a matrix of security, media, and political measures.

During his meeting with a number of researchers and media cadres, Amer indicated that the UAE economy depends on foreign investments, entertainment services, and trade exchanges.

He pointed out that these sectors will be directly affected by the security aspect, as the UAE presents itself as a 100 percent safe country while Yemen Hurricane has proven the opposite.

“The legitimate Yemeni response was able to strike the base of security and stability, which is the base on which the UAE economy is based,” he said, indicating that there are direct and indirect damages that will unfold during the coming period.

Ben Amer pointed out that the UAE is among the most prominent countries in terms of the ability to attract direct investment.

He added, “There are billions of dollars in investments during the past two years and this year, and there are approximately eight million tourists who visit the UAE annually, in addition to considering Dubai as a global economic center.

All these numbers and sectors will be affected, he said. ” From any security repercussions as a result of the insistence of the Abu Dhabi Authority on implementing the American and Israeli agenda to continue the war against Yemen.”

Amer explained that one of the most prominent results and repercussions of the Yemen Hurricane process is the shaking of the UAE’s image as a safe country, especially as it tries to recover after being affected by the Corona pandemic.

He referred to the media measures of the Abu Dhabi authority to contain the last blow by trying to keep the Emirate of Dubai away from media coverage, even though its airport was one of the goals of the Yemeni operation.

Ben Amer explained that this media blackout aims to mitigate the expected damage to Dubai’s economy, which is based on entertainment, trade exchange, and investments.

“The Abu Dhabi authority tried to contain media coverage by highlighting the targets in Abu Dhabi only and controlling media coverage in a way that reduces the repercussions related to the economy and trying to divert attention from the repercussions of the strike by talking about the reaction and foreign solidarity, especially the Israel,” he said.

Amer expected more facts about the repercussions of the operation would be revealed in the coming weeks, especially as there is an interest on the part of the Israeli enemy to read the details of the operation, its results, and repercussions, as it is on the side of the Americans and ‘with the blessing of Saudi Arabia’, which is behind the UAE’s push for a military escalation against the Yemeni people.

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