Shabwa: Armed Tribal Uprising Against Coalition Forces

An armed tribal uprising erupted on Thursday against the Saudi-led coalition forces in Baihan district of the oil-rich Shabwa province, eastern Yemen, YPA reported.

The tribes of Baihan Shabwa demanded the expulsion of the UAE-funded “Amaliqa” forces from the area, as a result of the killing of five members of the Balharith tribes in clashes that erupted between them during the past hours.

As a result, the Balharith tribes’ sheikhs held meetings to escalate and respond to the transgressions of the “Amaliqa” elements and expel them from the tribe’s areas.

The Amaliqa elements, some of them affiliated with al-Qaeda and ISIS, have committed the most heinous crimes against the sons of Baihan and Usailan districts by storming their homes and looting their property.

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