Coalition Warplanes Launch Violent Raids on Sana’a and Many Provinces

The Saudi-led coalition fighter jets launched on Wednesday 14 raids on the capital Sana’a and the province, a security source reported.

The coalition aircraft hit Sana’a International Airport and its vicinity with five airstrikes, while four other raids targeted Attan neighborhood and another one hit the Military Academy building in the Al-Thawra district in the capital Sana’a, according to the source.

The official added the coalition’s warplanes targeted the Military College with two raids, and launched two raids on the Parliament building in the western 60th Street.

In Sana’a province, an air raid targeted Jarban area in Sanhan district of the province, and a raid was launched on Al-Khirba area in Bani Hushish district, while another raid targeted the Military College Street in Al-Rawda neighborhood of Bani Al-Harith district.

The source added that the raids were carried out by Emirati planes.

The Saudi-Emirati warplanes on Tuesday launched a series of raids on Shabwa, Dhale’a, Bayda and Jawf provinces.

The official added the coalition warplanes launched three raids on Ain district of Shabwa province and three raids on al-Fakher area in Qa’ataba district of Dhale’a province.

He indicated the coalition’s warplanes launched three raids on Bayda city, targeting the al-Labnat area in al-Hazm district with two raids, and also launched three raids on Khab WaSha`af district in Jawf province.

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