UNSC’s Statement on UAE Ship Biased in Favor of Influential Countries: Sana’a

Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a government, Hisham Sharaf, considered on Saturday the statement issued by the International Security Council regarding the Emirati military ship “Rawabi” was biased in favor of finance and influence countries.

The minister said in a news statement that the world should be aware that Yemen has legitimate right in targeting any ship trying to enter our territorial waters while it is an aggressor or contributes to financing the Saudi-led coalition forces against the country or the Yemeni people.

Sharaf added, “The forces of the coalition and the whole world must know that Yemen has full sovereignty over its land, water and airspace.”

For his part, Hussein Al-Ezzi, Deputy Foreign Minister said in a series of tweets on Twitter, “the Rawabi ship was not loaded with dates or children’s toys, but was loaded with weapons to support extremist groups that threaten human life.”

He stressed that Rawabi belongs to a country participating in the war against our people and is in a state of war with Yemen and entered our territorial waters in violation of the laws.

Al-Ezzi considered that the Security Council’s statement is governed by financing considerations and has nothing to do with laws, morals or the safety of navigation and the security of ships, expressing regret that the role of the Security Council has changed to mislead public opinion and solidarity with killers and violators of laws and at this extremely shameful level.

He affirmed that the naval forces had the legal right to target the enemy ship “Rawabi”, but they did not, stressing that “it is very important to respect the sovereignty of the great Yemen and the sanctity of its territorial waters.”

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