Political Parties Accuses UAE of Pushing Hadramout to Civil War

Several parties and political components in Hadramout, backed by the Saudi-led coalition, accused the UAE-funded Southern Transition Council (STC) of trying to push the province towards the civil war and armed chaos.

The pro-Islah parties warned in a joint statement from the calls launched by STC militias to establish military camps in Wadi Hadramout, considering the STC’s invitations is a serious gesture that would open the doors of sedition armed mess in the province.

The statement stressed the need to stand united and reunion to achieve fair demands and the fight against corruption.

In the middle of this week, Sheikh Hassan al-Jabri, the chairman of the committee in the province declared from his intention to recruit 25,000 children of the Wadi Hadramout under the pretext of supporting “urban elite militias” financed by the UAE.

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