UAE Recruits 25,000 Fighters from Hadramout

Sheikhs loyal to the UAE in Hadramout province, eastern Yemen, approved during a meeting on Tuesday the recruitment of 25,000 fighters from the province.

A meeting of the executive committee of the “General Hadramout meeting” – “Hadrami Uprising”, headed by Sheikh Hussein Al-Jabri, who is funded by the UAE, announced the start of recruitment procedures for “in favor of Hadramout”.

The committee media center confirmed in tweets on Twitter that the recruits would be trained to secure and control the security system in Hadramout valley.

The “Hadrami uprising” meeting considered that those to be recruited in the valley districts would represent the support of the “Hadrami Elite” militia in controlling the Hadramout coast, valley, and desert.

The meeting also approved the appointment of representatives and the formation of committees to screen and set criteria for the registration and acceptance of recruits.

Meanwhile, the “First Military Region” command loyal to the Islah Party directed the commanders of brigades and military units in Hadramout valley to raise combat readiness to confront the Emirati movements in the province.

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