Over 55 Saudi Airstrikes Hit Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition fighter jets have continued air escalation on Yemen, targeting residential areas in a number of provinces with over 55 strikes.

According to security sources, the warplanes launched 20 raids on the districts of Ain and Harib in Shabwa province.

Meanwhile, the combat jets carried out 18 raids on Marib, including 14 raids on Wadi area and other four on Jouba district.

The warplanes also targeted with three raids al-Yamta area of Khab Washa’af district of Jawf province, while four raids were launched on al-Jabaliya area and Al Jarahi district of Hodeida.

According to sources, the coalition carried out nine raids on Saada, focusing on communication networks in Abdin area, south of the city, and Allaf area of Sahar district, in Jabal Ajla in Haidan district, as well as the other communication network in the districts of Razeh and Ketaf.

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