Saudi-led Coalition Detains Six Fuel Ships: YPC

Sana’a-based Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) confirmed on Friday that the US-backed Saudi-led coalition continues to detain six fuel ships carrying 144,667 tons of fuel for nearly five months.

In a statement, the YPC stated that the forces of Saudi coalition seized six fuel tankers, including one carrying domestic gas, and five other tankers carrying (135,179) tons of diesel and mazut.

It indicated that the detention period of these tankers amounted to “143” days, despite the fact that all of these tankers completed all examination and audit procedures through the mechanism of the Djibouti Verification and Inspection Mission (UNVIM) and obtained UN permits.

The statement noted, “the continuation of criminal piracy and its various catastrophic repercussions has not been matched by any serious and tangible move by the United Nations, as it is the international body concerned with facilitating the entry of imports of basic goods.”

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