Coalition Sending Sudanese, Egyptian Forces to Hadramout

The Saudi-led coalition has pushed Sudanese and Egyptian forces to Hadramout province, eastern Yemen, in conjunction with the escalating tension between Hadi’s government authorities and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the province.

A ship carrying large military equipment and joint Sudanese-Egyptian forces has arrived at the port of Mukalla, in addition to another force of Al-Amaliqa currently being transported from Aden in preparation for deploying them in the oil plateau in the valley and desert of Hadramout, according to sources in Mukalla.

The ongoing mobilization by the coalition comes along with the STC inauguration of the second step of the “Hadrami uprising” with aim of controlling over Hadi government forces’ points in the first military region.

The head of the STC’s Popular Escalation Committee, Hassan Al-Jabri, identified Al-Roudoud points in Ghail Ben Yameen as a gathering area during the inauguration process expected today, Saturday.

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