Sana’a Approves Mechanism of Junior National Team Reception

The Minister of Industry and Trade in Sana’a government, Abdul Wahab Al-Durrah, called on businessmen, companies and private sector to adopt clubs and sports activities, creating positive competition, and the integration of roles between the concerned institutions and sports federations.

A meeting that included the Ministers of Industry and Sports, in addition to the Chamber of Commerce in Sana’a, approved “the adoption of an appropriate mechanism for the delivery of support and donations that will be provided by merchants at the honoring ceremony to achieve the required transparency.”

A member of Directors Board in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Capital Municipality, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ansi, affirmed the full readiness to provide support and care to the youth team and sports in general, based on the national and social responsibility of the private and commercial sector, according to Saba Agency.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Capital Municipality announced the provision of twenty million riyals as a contribution to the reception and honoring ceremony of the junior team. The Ministry of Sports in Sana’a announced that the reception will be held at the Al-Thawraا Stadium.

Earlier, Minister of Information Daifallah Al-Shami called for active participation in receiving and honoring the national junior football team. He stressed “the necessity of paying attention and taking care of the players in order to maintain the sustainability of success, achieve achievements and fight competitors, despite the differences and capabilities.”

Sana’a Ministry of Interior warned yesterday, citizens not to shoot bullets into the air while receiving the national team, to preserve the safety of life and public and private property.”

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