Confrontations between Coalition, Sana’a Forces in Shabwa Front

fronts of Shabwa province witnessed the first military confrontation between the National Salvation Government forces on one side and the Saudi-led coalition forces and UAE-backed militias on the other.

Tribal sources told Yemen Press Agency that recruits of the so-called “163rd infantry brigade” loyal to the coalition and “Al-Amaliqa forces” backed by the UAE launched a military attack on the sites of the salvation government forces in ‘Al-Saq’ area, and another attack towards Al-Safra’a area separating between Usailan and Bayhan districts in Shabwa.

The confrontation line is currently witnessing fierce battles between the two sides, according to the sources.

Military reinforcements sent by the UAE forces from the western coast to Shabwa on Tuesday were subjected to unknown-source attack at Ataq airport, which left dead and wounded among those forces.

Earlier in the day, another attack targeted gathering of the UAE-backed Al-Amaliqa forces in “Khamom” camp, which left nearly 71 dead and wounded in a preliminary toll.

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